Android phones are getting smarter day by day. Some Android smartphones provide the user a good User Interface while the others focus on delivering good functionality. But, as you know that Android Apps have been a game changer for Android smartphones. So, today we are going to show you Top 7 Android Apps that you need right now. Some of the apps here will change the user interface of your phone while some will add great functional features. So without waiting anymore lets jump right into these apps.

Top 7 Android Apps

1. Loopsie (Free)

On the first we have Loopsie, it is a great app to create on the go Cinemagraphs. A cinemagraphs is a mixture of photo and video which when combined together captures stunning magic photos. In other words, you can make live photos with this app. The app is useful for the people out their who love to capture beautifully on the go shots on their smartphone

2.  Hex Shader (Free)

So, are you the one who used to love Live Wallpapers but stopped using them due to battery drain problem? If yes, then we this app is for you. The Hex shader is an intelligently designed application that works on your home screen as well as on your lock screen. The app stops working every time you open an application to save battery. The app user hexagon shaped pixels instead of square pixels which looks even more artistic. Go check it out

3. DirectChat (Free)

This is by far the most useful app we have seen. You might have seen a small chat head notification bubble whenever you receive a message on facebook messenger. This app creates same chat head notification bubble whenever you receive messages on apps like Whatsapp, Hangout, Allo, Skype. The apps allow good multitasking abilities so you don’t need to open these messaging apps again and again while you are using some another app.

4. Pin Genie (Free)

Pin Genie is a good phone lock replacement app that provides high-security features but at the same time, it allows you to customize your lock screen in many different ways. You can set the type of different unique locks from it various locking collection. The app also has an intruder mode which takes a selfie of the person who unsuccessfully tries to get into your phone.

5. InkWire

So, are you fan of TeamViewer but missing to share the smartphone-to-smartphone screen sharing functionality? If yes, then this app is for you. The app in simple words is a TeamViewer for the smartphones. So the next time your parents are in some trouble with their Android smartphone you can surely help them.

6. Look of Disapproval (Free)

Unicode emoji’s are something that never gets old. Take the example of Reddit or 9GAG you will always find people using Unicode emoji’s and with this app, you can too. Simply find your favorite emoji copy it to your clipboard and paste it anywhere.

7. Lookup (Free)

Ever stumbled across a wild word or phrase over the internet. This app will help you find those words with ease, simply select the text on your browser and select the lookup pop-up option to search it on the internet in on go.


So, don’t wait to try these amazing apps on your android smartphone today.

Tell us in the comment section your favorite app from the list above. 

Thank you for reading this, have a great day ahead.


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