As Morgan Freeman said a few years ago. Making weed illegal was “just the stupidest law possible, given the history”. If it’s not enough that Morgan Freeman said this. Otherwise known as the man we all wish would narrate our lives, study after study confirm his statement. As for HEALTH, We now know that weed doesn’t make you dumb, it’s not to be blamed for anxiety or depression, and arguably most importantly, it even cures extreme pain in animals. If you’re still living in the thoughts for your health in the stone age carrying around the belief that it’s a “gateway drug,” it’s time for you to open your eyes to its benefits, or I’d suggest it’s time for you to smoke a joint for your health.

For those with more knowledge about marijuana. You know there are multiple methods to ingest weed, from eating a weed cookie to the smoking bong. Each method is irrespective for each other in measures of health and is ingested differently and as a result, they alter your body and mind in different ways. Keep in mind that not everyone will react the same to each method.

While there are negative effects associated with smoking weed for our health, as any type of smoke is harmful to your lungs, the medical benefits seem to outweigh the cons. From reducing seizures in kids with epilepsy to battling PTSD. Weed has been found to be a natural remedy worth using. Now more than ever, as US states are legalizing weed and Canada is on the brink of nation-wide legalization. The average Joe should be educated about marijuana usage.

The infographic below highlights how each method affects your body and mind, as well as detailing some medical benefits that come with everyone’s favorite natural remedy.

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