You must have heard about Jeff Bezos. No? Well, he became the richest man of the world overtaking Bill Gates, earlier this year in July. He is the founder of Amazon, the online shopping company. He is just a mere $2 billion away from becoming the richest man again. Currently, he ranks #2 in the Forbes list of richest men in the world just behind Bill Gates.


Jeff was born on 12 January 1964, in New Mexico, the United States, the son of a high school student, who was 17 years old. His father left him and his mother just after 18 months when Jeff was born. When Jeff turned 4, his mother married Miguel Bezos. From that time, Jeff began using Bezos as his last name. After that they shifted to Houston where his father Miguel worked as an engineer.


Jeff was very curious in learning new things from his childhood. He used to disassemble his toys, assembled them again. He actually wanted to know how things worked. Technology was his favorite. When Jeff was in elementary school, he made a security alarm for his siblings.  Then their family shifted to Florida. Then Jeff took part in a science competition in Palmetto High School where he was awarded with a Silver Knight Award. He was one of the most intelligent kids in his school and this worried his parents. Jeff was not interested in sports and only studies. So, his parents introduced him to Football.

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Later, he studied Electrical engineering and Computer Science in Princeton University and gained a Bachelor of Technology degree in 1984. After graduating in 1986, Bezos started working in Wall Street.

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The Vision

After working for many companies, he decided to make a change and start his own company from the money he made while he was in job. He traveled the United States and visited many cities and found a common problem among the people. They were fed up of going to shops to buy their things. It was sometimes very difficult to buy as the shops were very far or the prices were high. He saw that there was an increasing demand of people on the Internet. It was growing at an astonishing rate. He then decided to start his own online business.

Start of Amazon

Initially, Amazon was just a book-selling online business. Jeff went with books as he himself liked reading books. Along with just 3 computers and a few employees, he started this company in his garage. Yeah, this company was also started in a garage. Jeff’s parents never understood his idea of online business as they didn’t know the power of internet. But they never discouraged him from going ahead; they were very supportive and believed in him. At first, he named the company ‘Cadabra’.

Then he changed the name to ‘’, but this name was also not liked by his employees. Finally, in 1995,Jeff changed the name to ‘Amazon’ which was named after the river Amazon.

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Growth of Amazon

Just after 2 months after starting, Amazon was being used in more than 45 countries in the world and they sold over $20,000 worth of goods per week. This was the time when Jeff and his company never looked back. Amazon soon started selling a very large number of goods, apart from just books, dominating the industry. Consequently, Amazon became the world’s largest online shopping company.

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Amazon Kindle

A historic day came in the history of Amazon, on November 2007, when they launched their own product, Kindle. On Kindle, it was possible to download any book in the world in just a few minutes and available to read. This, not only increased the sales of Kindle but also increased the number of books available in the Kindle format. It was very convenient for the customers, to download any book which they liked and read them from anywhere in the world, no more need to go to a bookshop and buy them.

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