Ever had a problem when all of your friends, family members, and teachers were not able to understand you. When you used to think about something else when others were just thinking about getting good marks in the exams. Don’t worry my friend, you’re not the only one in this world who has the same problem.

The ability to think different

Not all of the people think different, they usually use the conventional or traditional methods to do something. But there are many in this world, who are different from the rest of them. They always think something different or use unconventional means to do something. But these ‘unconventional’ methods always benefit them more than the others. This is the result of thinking differently, the result of trying out new things.

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The response of others

You may think that the others who do things in the conventional and usual ways will respond to the others in a good way, they will appreciate their thinking and ideas or even try to do the thing in another way. But, surprisingly, this isn’t always the case. Most of the people react very badly to the people who are not like them or do not things like them. They want to bring down their morale, insult them or even ruin their work. Why? Because they did something better.

The response of society

Moreover, the society is also the same. They usually don’t encourage people who take risks, do something better and not settle for something less. They want people to do the usual, boring things in the usual boring ways, live their lives in a boring way like them, earn boring money like them just because it is easy. This is the main reason why a person having the potential and thinking to do something very big is not able to do it, because they are discouraged from doing so.

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The result of thinking different

But, very few people tend to stay on their path even if they are discouraged by the majority. They have a stubborn attitude towards their life. Once they think of something, they will do anything to get it. NO MATTER what others say. They just ignore the nay-sayers. Now, what happens to them? They fail many times in their pursuit. They start off very badly and fail continuously. The society and others make fun of them, tease them and say to come back and live a life they are living. This sometimes discourages them to go further and quit their dreams. But, very few still keep trying and trying and trying and fail and fail and fail. But, in the end they finally succeed and then live a life what other people could not even think of. This is called success.

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Keep going on, do not STOP

Even though they faced many difficulties in their pursuit, they never quit. They kept going and failing but never gave up. What happened? They succeeded in the end, became something different from the others. They lived a life which others thought was impossible. This means that to become something big and special, you have to work like hell and go through hell, and in the end YOU WILL BECOME what you thought was not possible.

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Some people who thought differently from others –

Nikola Tesla – Tesla was a genius of his time. He created AC electric current which was cheaper and also more efficient than the DC current which was made by Thomas Edison. Edison tried to bring down Tesla’s company as he wanted to create a network of wireless electricity all over the world for free and this made Edison furious. He experimented the AC current on animals which killed them and showed that Tesla was a madman and wanted to kill everybody. But this did not stop Tesla.

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Elon Musk – Elon was different from his childhood. He was very unique, when other children of his age used to play, he used to read comic books and learn new things. At the age of 11, he became better at computers than his school teacher. Everyone used to make fun of him saying that he is a crazy man. He will achieve nothing in his life. At the age of 15, he along with his brother made an app and sold it to Ebay for $20,000. And today, he is successfully running SpaceX, the company which is planning to send humans to Mars and Tesla Motors, which is one of the largest electric car makers.

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Steve Jobs – Steve was an adopted child. He dropped out of college and was always thinking how could he do something better for the people, how could he change the world. He along with his friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple, which is now the largest technology company in the world with a value of over $900 billion. Although, he is no more with us but he revolutionized the tech game and really made something that would change the world, the iPhone. He wanted a phone which could do anything in a compact size. iPhone had internet access, calling features and also apps which would make the work easy for you.

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We all know that these people changed the world. I know you wanted the names of your favorite people too but the list goes on forever.

Do not be afraid to think different. If you think the same, you’re doing nothing better than anyone else. You are just one of the many sheep in a herd. Become something special, become something better. Follow your dreams and keep working hard for it, no matter what others think of you, it’s your life! Not theirs.

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs


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